Rs. 30,00,000 - Rs. 50,00,000


2000 Sq. Ft


Mission :


Our mission is guided by our commitment to empower students by providing access to self realization of inner capabilities and raising the collective consciousness for achieving the realized goals along with a uniquely designed educational programs, career programs and developmental programs for the future (youth) of our County. 

Vision : 
IIFTNEXT with its focus on student success will be recognized as a national leader within the higher education community in providing quality education that results in producing Innovators, Leaders and highly efficient professionals.

Industry Watch

About Us

A graduate from prestigious fashion school of Europe "London College of Fashion" 32 years ago, an educationalist and a Visionary, laid the foundation stone of an Institute that would persistently participate in grooming the careers of the youth.

This consistently evolving institution has played a benchmarking role of an architect for its pupil in imparting vision and goal achievement along with providing consultancy service to Industry for over 24 years, spreading its wings not only for Indian students but also students from Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Mauritius and other African countries. 

The industry continuously demands innovative approach and fundamentally unique ways of evolving and upgrading. As an act of continuously evolving strategy and upgraded teaching techniques, we present 'IIFTNEXT', THE NEXT GENERATION INSTITUTE towards the skill development agenda for the "Future" of the country and our Business associates together. 

Education and Training
Rs. 30,00,000 - Rs. 50,00,000

Area Required :- 2000 Sq. Ft

Total Investment :- Rs. 35 Lacs - Rs. 50 Lacs

Who is an Institute Franchisee?

Franchisee is an individual or a company partnering towards the vision of the company, who are granted with the rights to run the business of the franchisor in the assigned location of the purchased business.

What is a Institute Franchise?

Franchise option gives you rights to open one or multiple unit in a city to operate IIFT NEXT business. The Franchisee has to invest in capital and working capital for the unit.

Who is a Master Franchisee?

Want to start something bigger than a single Franchise? Then IIFT NEXT Master Franchise Opportunity is the Best Opportunity for you! Own or Manage multiple outlets in a particular region.

What is a Master Franchise?

Master Franchise option gives you Exclusive rights for a particular city or territory to open and run IIFT NEXT. (These outlets may be opened by you or you may choose to Franchise them to others.)