Rs. 2lac - 5lac



Mini Melts Looks And Tastes Different

That’s why we say, "Taste it and love it". Of course not all ice creams are created equal, we use an ultra premium base mix, and search out the highest quality flavors from around the globe... Mini Melts offers something wholly different...

Quality Ingredients And Distinctive Tastes Ensure Success

The concept of cryogenically frozen ice cream (the use of extremely cold temperatures to freeze ice cream) is an excellent way to lock in the flavor of the ice cream in a truly unique way. First, it is well known the faster a product can be frozen, the better it will taste. Using liquid nitrogen we flash freeze our ice cream in split seconds. Secondly, normal ice cream must have air whipped into it to enable it to be scooped … Mini Melts has no air whipped into it. And, finally, the exciting shapes produced by this process are mouth wateringly irresistible … some people call it popcorn ice cream … we call it "The Ice Cream Dream!"

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About Us

Mini Melts Inc.

Mini Melts, Inc. operates the global trademark and patents for Mini Melts. With almost 20 years experience operating in over 20 countries, Mini Melts, Inc. has, by far, the most experience in the operation of cryogenic ice cream equipment of any company in the world. With tens of millions of satisfied customers, we have truly revolutionized the world of ice cream.

We work closely with our global partners to improve efficiency, streamline our operations and develop new product for our ever changing markets. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop Mini Melts in your country and add another nation to the ever expanding world of Mini Melts. Please contact us today to receive information on starting Mini Melts in your home country.

Food and Beverage
Rs. 2lac - 5lac

Area Required :- 150 Sq. Ft. 

Total Investment :- 3 Lacs - 5 Lacs


One of the questions commonly asked is how can we ship the ice cream? We have specially designed shipping containers and we use dry ice and CO2 snow to move Mini Melts anywhere in the USA by common carriers.

We use CryoPowerTM containers to ship large volumes, up to 10,000 gallons, then we have a fleet of Pallet Reefers® which allow us to ship to larger venues. We use break down boxes to deliver smaller quantities.

Normally we ship on common carriers such as Roadway trucking but if you need it fast we can ship it fast, either via FedEx or another overnight carrier. 

What Is Mini Melts?

Mini Melts is a super premium ice cream novelty that is made into fun creamy pieces of ice cream that people of all ages enjoy. We use only the finest ingredients that are " flash frozen" to lock in the flover! 

Can Mini Melts be Kept in a traditional freezer? 

No, Mini Melts is stored at 40F so it keeps it's free flowing shape. That is why we have the new Mini Melts Grab-N-Go freezers that allow your customers to enjoy Mini Melts at any time!

How do I stock the freezer?

With our Mini Melts Grab-N-Go freezer you do not have to worry about stoking. One Of our Mini Melts route managers will stop in as often as needed to refill your freezer or you can all for advance orders.