City of Nawabs offering opportunites : Lucknow

franchise opportunity in Lucknow
Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh. In population, after Delhi it is the second largest city in Central India, north and East. Since early 18th and 19th century Lucknow has been known as the city of nawabs because of its beautiful and different multicultural activities. Lucknow is very beautiful because above sea level it stands at an elevation of around 404 feet and covers around 2500 square Kilometres area. Lakshmana, was a hero of the ancient Hindu Epic Ramayan and the city of nawabs Lucknow is named After Lakshmana.Lucknow is basically famous for its all cultural activities like dance dramas and it is also famous for its Lucknowi style food in vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories and lakhnavi chikankari is the famous art that is found in clothes. Lucknow has got enough to give different to anybody who want to start his or her own business, as it captures the highest tourism in India it has got multiple options available for all the startups who want to be an entrepreneur or a businessman, food and cloth speciality of Lucknow opens several options of opportunities where any startup can develop or expand his business throughout world with a Lucknow’s uniqueness and a franchise concept.Now a days frenchise concept is so much known that any business model can be easily expanded with the help of this.
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