City Of Weavers with opportunities : Panipat

franchise opportunity in Panipat
The ancient and historic site in Haryana is Panipat at 90 kms away from Delhi and 169 kms from Chandigarh. Panipat is also known as the “City of Weaver”. During the time of Mahabharata Panipat was one of those 5 cities which was founded by Pandava brothers and that's why it's historic name is Pandavaprastha. Panipat was the part of three important battles in the Indian history. In Mahabharata Panipat was the first village which was demanded by Pandavas from Duryodhana amongst the remaining five villages.But even after such a tragic history of Panipat Panipat has got huge potential in business and industrial sectors as it is one of the 19 districts of Haryana. And Haryana being the second recipient of largest investment capita in country, Panipat also has tremendous numbers of rural crorepatis. It’s agricultural and manufacturing industrial growth attracts huge amount of investment from all over the country. Bigger and famous brands and personalities want to invest in Panipat for their Business expansion as there is a boom of franchise Industry these days so various investors have chosen franchising as their passion to expand throughout India.Panipat, Ambala, Karnal, Kurukshetra and remaining districts of Haryana being the part of the most wealthier state of the country they attract all the big investors from all over the world.
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