City of Lakes & opportunities : Surat

franchise opportunity in Surat
Surat previously known as Suryapura is a city in Gujarat. It is a port city situated on the banks of Tapti River. Surat is a major hub of diamond cutting and polishing, it is also known for producing textiles, including silk, it is also known as the textile hub of the nation or the silk city of India. It is also very famous for its cotton mills too; it is the biggest centre of MMF (man made fibre). The other sectors are petroleum, oil & gas, shipping, cement, metallurgy, paper, chemical, fertilizer etc. MNC IT companies like IBM, TCS, HCL and Wipro are having satellite or virtual Branch in Surat. Surat began the “Safe City Project” in 2011 aimed at keeping the city safe using surveillance cameras. Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium is one of the good Aquariums in India and place to visit in Surat. Surat has its own Pani Poori variety which is also very famous.
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