Opportunities in Gulbarga

franchise opportunity in Gulbarga
Gulbarga is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, India. It is famous for toordal Pigeon pea and the limestone deposits are more in Gulbarga District. It is rapidly urbanizing city which comes under Gulbarga Metropolitan Area. The city is well known for its many places of architectural, historical and religious importance. It is called one of the Sufi cities having famous religious places like Khwaja Banda Nawaz Dargah and Ladle Mashak. There are many attractions in Gulbarga: Bahmani Fort, Tomb of 1st Bahmani Sultan Hasan, Chor Ghumbad. Jaloda Roti/Jowari Bhakri is the staple diet in the region. Hoorana Holige is a variant Puran Poli of Maharashtra. Malpuri is a dessert which is a sweet which is stuffed with Khoa.
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