Opportunities in Assam

franchise opportunity in Assam
Assam is a state in northeastern India located south of the eastern Himalayas; it comprises the Brahmaputra Valley and the Barak Valley. Assam is known for Assam Tea and Assam Silk, the 1st oil well in Asia was drilled here.
The Assamese economy is aided by wildlife tourism, centre on Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park which are World Heritage Sites. Assam’s economy is based on agriculture and oil; it produces ore then half of India’s Tea.
Due to overpopulation and faulty education system unemployment is one of the major problems of these states. Among all the productive sectors agriculture makes the highest contribution to its domestic sectors, its biggest contribution to the world is Assam Tea.
Wildlife, culture and historical destinations have attracted visitors. Symbolism is an ancient cultural practice in Assam and is still a very important part of Assamese way of life.
Bihu is the most important and common and celebrated all over Assam. Durga Puja is another festival celebrated with great enthusiasm. Fish curries, fowl such as duck and pigeon are used in dishes while pork, chicken and mutton dishes are mainly popular among the younger generation.
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