Opportunities in Nagpur

franchise opportunity in Nagpur
Nagpur is the winter capital and the 3rd largest city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It has one of the highest literacy rates of 91.92% among all the urban agglomerations in India and one of the proposed smart cities from Maharashtra. It is also an emerging metropolis. It is also home to ice-cream manufacturer Dinshaws, Indian dry food manufacturer Haldirams and Ayurvedic products Vicco and Baidyanath. It is famous for oranges gardens hence it is named the “Orange City”. It is also famous for the cotton and silk which is woven by its large Koshti population of handloom weavers. Tourist attractions are Ram Temple at Ramtek and Balaji Temple. Tiger tourism is witnessing a good growth in the city. Saoji and Savji cuisine was the main cuisine of the Savji community and orange barfi is also very famous.
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