Opportunities in Warangal

franchise opportunity in Warangal
Warangal is a city and the district of Warangal district in the Indian state of Telangana. Warangal is one of the Indian cities that have rapid growth of urbanization. Agriculture is the main economic, major crops are paddy, cotton, mango and wheat. The city hosts Asia’s 2nd biggest grain market, it is also attracting investors in IT and the incubation tower at Madikonda is likely to play a significant role in this development. The city residents are called as Warangalities. Festivals include a floral festival of Bathukamma being celebrated by women of the city, worshipping the goddess with different flowers for 9 days. The cuisine of the city is mainly of South Indian dishes. The Glorious Kakatiya Temples and Gateways have been added to the tentative list of world heritage sites by UNESCO.
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